Completely immersed in the untouched countryside, the same that the great Genius himself admired,  and the same one which no doubt inspired his creativity, lies the famous  town of  Vinci, only 35kms away from Florence.

If you choose to arrive by car, not only are you free to discover the neighbouring  areas like the most important cities of art, easily reached in  less than an hour, but  you can also  admire the surrounding countryside, made up of ploughed fields, sweeping vineyards , olive groves and the typical Cyprus trees. A unique landscape that the great Genius Leonardo once viewed, with its lines of vineyards, olive groves and fields that enchants every visitor that passes through.


By Train:

The nearest station is Empoli which has a good number of trains for Florence, Siena and Pisa and offers numerous buses or taxis to Vinci. From the train you can admire the wonderful  views of the Tuscan countryside.

By Car:

From Milan or Rome, take the A1 motorway and exit at Scandicci. From here take the superstrada FI-PI-LI until you get to Empoli. Follow the signposts to Vinci.

From Pisa or La Spezia, take the superstrada FI-PI-LI until Empoli, follow the signposts to Vinci. Once over the bridge, follow the signs to Vitolini. Just before you get into the village there’s a turning off to your left, Faltognano and after around 1km you come to our farmhouse.


A recent opera  in the area is the CANTINA ANTINORI. A wine cellar which practices in its production , non - invasive wine making  methods that are  harmonious with nature. ( All  over Tuscany   numerous  important wine cellars can be found, many of them close to our farmhouse.

Why not visit and sample the prestigious Chianti DOCG wines?


In Vinci the agency  ”Da VI travels”  organizes  trips and guided tours, or you can use the list of websites provided to make your own arrangements.


In Carmignano, a town  near Vinci, vineyards were already being cultivated pre-Roman times, around 3000 years ago. We know this because wine jugs and drinking utensils have been found in the Etruscan tombs. In the Florentine State Archives, a scroll was found dated year 804. It turned out to be an ancient rent  contract showing that around 1200 years ago in Capezzana, olives and grapes were already being cultivated for use in the production of oil and wine.

For visits to the ancient wine cellars of the “Tenuta di Capezzana” that has produced wine from the year 804, the address is: Via Capezzana 100, Carmignano, Tel: +39 055 87060054 or you can visit the website:

Here you can find all the information and book your guided tour.

From Monday to Saturday (booking is required)


Wine and oil tasting available. Products available for purchase.






Vinci can be found in the most Northern area of Valdelsa, on the slopes of Montalbano , right in the very heart of Tuscany,  immersed in the splendid scenery  of vineyards and olive groves.  In the town of Vinci, which dates back to medieval times, the Castello dei Conti Guidi can be found.Built around the year 1000, the tall, strong walls that surround the castle determine an oval shape which is still evident today. Between 1254 and 1273, the castle passed under Florence’s rule and in 1372 became a municipality with the governing power sent from Florence.

Vinci is universally known as the “City of Leonardo the Genius”. Inventor, engineer and scientist, a person  who’s influence has made Tuscany famous all over the world thanks to his intuition and inventions which are still widely used today.

Other illustrious characters have also contributed in making Tuscany famous.  Leonardo’s nephew Pierfrancesco da Vinci a famous sculptor dwelled here, as did the poet Renato Fucini, whose tomb can be found in the nearby  location of Dianella. Vinci’s beauty was appreciated too by Giuseppe Garibaldi who lived in the Villa del Ferrale and also the Martelli family.

Leonardo da Vinci was born nearby in a house in  Anchiano on 15th April 1452 where it is still possible to visit. There is a library and two museums (Museo Ideale and Museo Leonardiano) dedicated to the great man, and which show off his many  inventions. There are a number of manifestations  held in Vinci during the year that are dedicated to Leonardo and his inventions.

Around the town of Vinci there are numerous churches and villas that nestle amongst the unspoilt, Tuscan countryside, vineyards and olive groves where an excellent Chianti wine (D.O.G.C) and olive oil are produced and can be bought in the many agricultural farms dotted around the countryside. Farms where tradition is still largely dominant but, is now too combined  with the use of modern technology to guarantee the authenticity of its products.

Vinci has a head start when it comes to natural beauty and culture and every year attracts thousands of tourists from all over the globe. Thus it has developed a trend for rural tourism, where there are a high number of holiday  farmhouses and bed and breakfasts to be found in this popular area, all fully equipped to cater for the holiday makers every need.

In these areas where they have become a true work of art. Where their vineyards produce Chianti wine and extra virgin olive oil, amongst the best in Tuscany, there are no shortage of restaurants, eateries, bistros and bars where you can enjoy a romantic,  candlelit meal near to the Castello dei Conti Guidi, or otherwise spend a relaxing evening there after exploring the Tuscan hills.